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Why do Snowbirds Count On Us?

No hassles: We provide safe, reliable auto transport and door-to-door delivery service. You don't have to to deal with terminals or worry about picking it up at unknown locations.

Multiple Car Special: If you are traveling to the same area, we'll provide a discount if your friends and family use your name. Call us for special rates.

Our Experience: We've been moving snowbirds for several years. Our clients have come to depend on us year after year and continue to depend on us for reliable auto (and pet) transport services, pick up at the airport or delivery to your home. The choice is yours.

'Snowbird Xpress' is family owned and operated.  
Our drivers are professional, responsible and non-smokers.

'Snowbird XPress' always offers a safe trip for yourself and or your family pet, no loading and unloading at the airports. The are free to roam their own car if you choose or ride in their crate.

'Snowbird Xpress' provides timely delivery service of your vehicle to and from
Florida. "US & Canadian Snowbirds" if you can drive there we can get your car there.

Generally we suggest that we receive your car 1-2 days before you are flying and we will have your vehicle waiting at the airport. The beauty of this is that you don't have to rely on family or friends to pick you up or pay additional money for a car service to get you to your destination.

This is the reason our customers love our service. Unlike Car Carriers that usually take between 5-14 days to deliver your car, ' Snowbird Xpress' your car there when promised. 
With 'Snowbird Xpress' you just get on the airplane, get off at your destination, get into your own car and drive home. Sounds too good to be true! Well if you have doubts, we will be glad to provide you with client, references who you may call and inquire of our services.

' Snowbird Xpress' invites you to email or call so we can customize your vehicle transfer. The earlier you book your transfer the better chance of getting the date that you desire.

Once you book your car, if for any reason you need to change the date or cancel, there is no loss of money, we will either move the date or cancel the move. 

Don't forget to check out the Snow-Bird Special in Driveaway.